Online Trainers’ Training


And thank you for being interested in how to excel as an online trainer! You’re about to embark on the journey that has already changed the lives of hundreds and will continue to do so.

We’ve always got amazing feedback about our trainers and we sure will get it about you as well. Our trainers’ family is one of the most supportive ones I know, even though it’s all online.

But not to throw you straight into unknown waters, we’ve put together a video-series that’ll walk you through everything you need to know about being a trainer:

  • The key to being a successful trainer;
  • Making your time with us exceptional;
  • Your exact role as a trainer;
  • How to run pod meetings;
  • How to use the technology;
  • How does our affiliate system work.

Please go through this training series as soon as possible to be ready to welcome new members to our community! Again, thank you for being with us.

And if any questions raise, forward those to our online program manager Donita: