Welcome to the resources page! Here you will find all kinds of gifts from us to you, as a thank you for joining The Journey Method Online.

Each resource gives you beautiful complementary experiences to the whole program. You can read, watch and listen to them at your leisure. Except for the ‘7 Day Immersion’ bonus; this will only become available to you once you have completed the whole Journey Method Online Program.

All meditations are done by Brandon and have specific themes. You can do them whenever you feel like it, and you can do them again and again. They won’t take much of your time and yet they will make you feel relaxed, clear and connected every time.

The 7 Day Immersion is a program designed and facilitated by Arnold. It teaches you how to apply everything you have learned in your day to day life.

Brandon’s Best-Seller “The Journey” 

Here’s the abridged version of Brandon Bays’ bestseller The Journey, which has now sold over 1 million copies, and over the last 20+ years has transformed and changed the lives of tens of thousands of people around the World.

As Brandon writes: “The Journey Method was not derived from any theory or formula; it was born from many people’s direct living experience of healing their lives: physically, emotionally, spiritually. And my wish for you in reading this book is that not only are you inspired by the stories here, but that you are also inspired, catalyzed to begin your own life-healing Journey into the freedom and wholeness within.It is my prayer that you come home to the love and peace that is your own essence, your own soul.” You can download it here (click)


Effortless Being Meditation: Download here (click)
Healing Shower Meditation: Download here (click)
Healing Sand Meditation: Download here (click)
Healing Breath Meditation: Download here (click)

LIVE after JMO: 7-Day Immersion Program

Once you finished The Journey Method Online Program, we want to make sure that you ‘get’ how everything you learned can be integrated in your day to day life.

The 7-day immersion is designed to do exactly that. For 7 consecutive days you will receive a 10 minute video with helpful tips and exercises.

This mini-course is our gift to you. And it will make you realise even deeper how practical The Journey tools are to create ongoing change on an emotional, mental and physical level – in all areas of your life!