Join Kevin’s Live Calls

Kevin will host two live calls per month. During the first call Kevin will do the teaching on the module topic of the month and explain how to do the exercises over the next two weeks. It is the intention that by inviting life to show you how often you experience something that you would like to heal, you get the courage and the support you need to make a healthy shift. This call will take approximately 90 minutes.

Kevin’s FIRST CALL is on Thursday, July 2, 9am UK time. Convert the time into your local time zone here (click).

During Kevin’s second call of the month, he will review what has been experienced in the first two weeks and then explain how to use the appropriate scripts to get clear on what has blocked you in the past. To benefit fully from this LTM program, we stress the importance of doing the script work so that you can create lasting change in life in ways that are meaningful to you. This call will last about 60 minutes.

Kevin’s SECOND CALL is on Thursday, July 16, 9am UK time. Convert the time into your local time zone here (click).

Replays of Kevin’s calls will be added on this same page within 48 hours.

If the volume of the replay is too low, please find these blue bars from the bottom right corner of the stream and click on the last, the highest bar to bring the volume to the maximum from the system side:  

Please watch this short video for instructions on how to access Kevin’s calls LIVE:

  1. Click the button below “Join Kevin’s Live Calls Here”
  2. Log in as a guest – only your screen name is required, no password.
  3. Click “Open in application”
  4. For the first time, please download the application as shown in the video and then turn to the membership site to click “Join Kevin’s Live Calls Here”, and click “Open in application” – you’re in.
  5. Next time, nothing to download, you only need to click “Open in application” and you’re in 🙂